Community Breakfast

Reaching the community. It’s such a difficult thing to do these days. My husband had an idea about a year ago. Let me tell you a little story.

In 2017, we moved into a home that was built in the 60’s.  Before that, the previous owners lived in the house for 40+ years! We learned very quickly that they had made a name for themselves in the community.  The neighborhood is full of home owners that have lived in this area of town for decades. And they all said the same thing. This couple that had previously lived in this house were kind. They were thoughtful. They knew how to treat their neighbors.

Shortly after getting settled, my husband (Justin) decided to start The Ahern Breakfast for the neighborhood to honor this couple that had made such an impact on others. The second Saturday of every month from 9-11 we invite people into our home for breakfast tacos and pancakes. We actually go door to door and hand out fliers. Justin posts it on the neighborhood website. It’s a staple announcement in the church bulletin.

And you know what? Every month I feel like we talk about how no will stop by and we will have a bunch of extra food. Or sometimes I wake up on a Saturday and think, ‘Maybe I’ll go to back to bed and Justin can entertain guests’ (that would’t even work anyway with 2 small children).  And don’t get me started on cleaning the house on a Friday night.

But every Saturday (even one weekend when it was raining buckets outside!), we have around 5-10 people rotate in and out for a little breakfast and conversation.  We have a couple of regulars every month like our 91 year old neighbor from across the street who occasionally bakes us the BEST banana bread. Or a recently widowed woman from our church who keeps us company and helps set the table. We also have had a lot of one timers and church friends who make it out.

And no matter how I felt before breakfast, I always feel (I’m struggling to describe an emotion here)….fulfilled.  And I don’t just mean with tacos. We made a connection.  It was a small group of people from all walks of life with different joys and struggles, yet we share experiences based on our similar location.  It’s almost strange to think how our weather, traffic, local events, and even code enforcement can connect us.  So….with that – cheers to next month!

What kind of community events have you planned?



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