5 Things We Provided at the Christmas Toy Giveaway + DIAPERS!!

Today, Owenwood Missional Campus in partnership with Hope Supply Company held a toy giveaway for the community.

We wanted to provide an enjoyable and stress-free experience for parents and grandparents, fun activities for their children, and an welcoming space to the families of this community.  This was a time to build relationships and trust by meeting the needs of the neighborhood.

So…what did we do??

1. Nursery

Parents could shop for their toys without their little ones tagging along.

Our nursery was safeguarded by a mix of volunteers and our much adored Hope from Black-Tie Babysitting. It was typically for ages 3 and under, however, there were occasionally older children that joined as well.  And although this picture shows only 3 children, we had plenty that transitioned in and out every 20 minutes or so.

2. Cookie Decorating

            Parents with older children could stay in our auditorium and pile up as many sugary toppings on cookies as they could fit :). Many of the older children stayed in this area while parents picked out toys in order to prevent spoiling the Christmas surprises.

     3. Crafts

          After finishing decorating cookies, children could head to the next table and create ornaments.  Becky, our children’s minister provided  so many stickers, glitter, glue, beads, and much more to keep everyone busy for quite a while.

4. Coffee Station

 Right before entering the gym to gather the toys, parents and grandparents were able to stop by and doctor up a cup of hot coffee.

5. Wrapping Station

After choosing the gifts. parents could go and get them wrapped by a group of volunteers mostly made up of a local fast pitch softball team.

And of course my favorite topic – diapers. This was our 4th opening of Diapers, Etc. at this campus and we were able to give out 5,900 diapers (that’s 118 clean bottoms!), around 80 packages of wipes, and several bags of feminine hygiene products.  We even had a couple of families interested in volunteering.

It was a success, with no problems what so ever! Woo Hoo!

Uh..ok, well, we had one problem

An old pipe busted under a sink that was in the diaper storage area. Not to worry though, we had experts in house that corrected it before anything was ruined.  After a little (a lot!) of mopping and a shop vac we were back in business.

Have you ever been apart of a Christmas toy giveaway in your community? I would love to hear your ideas!


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